All About Family

Family vacations are a key focus for Ocean Avenue. Rather than going the car bonus route, the company has developed a Vacation Club.

There’s also a focus on children with the way Ocean Avenue.  The company is using an online learning platform that teaches children value based principles that deal with concepts related to success and self-improvement.  Lessons will be interactive and will cater to the very young to adolescent age groups.


A cool feature Ken talked about is a virtual Time Machine that lets kids create an avatar and go back in time to interact with and learn from figures from history from Einstein to Gandhi.

They’re also making a concerted effort to implement growth and learning opportunities for children during major Ocean Avenue conferences, which is great – as kids almost always are an afterthought at these events.


All in all, the family and children focus put forth by Ocean Avenue is a cool thing.  I can see this going very far to broaden and deepen the sense of community within the organization, which is  - as we know – what really keeps the good network marketing companies going.

In a world of “me too” health and wellness companies, I think what Ocean Avenue is putting forth, both in their products and with their “family first” approach will serve as definite different makers.

Ocean Avenue's Vacation Club

The foundation of Ocean Avenue is built around a comprehensive product line, offering a wide range of health benefits. Ocean Avenue believes in family first; and has partnered with a world renouned travel agency to present the Ocean Avenue Vacation Club (OAVC). In our company, you receive points for everything you do.  You receive points when you join the company, when you buy company products, when you sponsor a new Ambassador, when you get promoted in the compensation plan, when you buy company convention tickets, etc.


These points can be redeemed by you at any time to purchase incredible vacations and family outings. In your password protected e-commerce center, our Ambassadors and wholesale customers will find a real time tracker of all the Vacation Points that they have earned. You will also see hundreds of trips and getaways in our OAV Offers tab.  Each offer will provide a brief description of what you can expect, from a 2 night stay in a 5 star resort, all inclusive, within 500 miles of your home, to cruises, beach resorts and much more.  Next to each offer, it will list exactly how many OA Vacation Points you need.  If you want to take advantage of a trip, simply click the "book this trip" tab.


If you do not have quite enough points in your account, OQVC will allow you to buy the additional points required.  For OAA's only, you may have the option to apply your current commission check.  And when you reach the rank of Pearl Ambassador or above, you will likely have earned enough Vacation Points for a family trip for 4!


In addition, your wholesale customers may participate in the OAVC and receive Vacation Points on each Ocean Avenue product purchase, as well as receive additionals points for every 3 months they continue to purchase (stay on autoship).


Ocean Avenue's goal is to give away more vacations and family outings than any other company in the history of Direct Sales.  That's our mission!